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Product development is an important part of Cinemount. Every product on our website is an original design, created by our very own design team. You will not find copies or imitations of anyone else's mounts here.

The Cinemount design team includes both industrial designers for striking forms and mechanical engineers to ensure sound function. All new designs are subjected to rigorous in-house testing procedures to ensure they are durable and safe at maximum load capacities before ever being introduced to the public. Many products are also sent for testing by independent third parties to verify safety (UL in North America and TUV Rheinland for Europe) and to check for harmful or banned substances, a growing concern in many parts of the world.
All of our standard products are reasonably customizable. Nobody knows your market better than you, so feel free to choose the best color and finish, change the contents of the hardware kit, or add the ideal accessory that matches your specific needs. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for in our current product line, our design team can assist you with creating a new design that meets your precise requirements. Just contact one of our sales representatives for more details.